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Carnegie Evaluations is a leader in verification, authentication, and evaluation of international experience and education. We deliver fast and accurate results by retaining professors at universities across the U.S. who have industry experience from a wide range of specialty occupations. Headquartered in New Jersey, we are able to stay current on U.S. immigration requirements to serve the employment based immigration community. Whether you are a law firm, an institution, or an employer, Carnegie Evaluations can provide the supporting documents you need to hire the right people today. Ready to get started?

Welcome to Carnegie Evaluations

Carnegie Evaluations is a renowned leader in educational and credential evaluation services. We provide specialized, personalized academic evaluations, work experience evaluations, and expert opinions specially designed for those who are seeking immigrant and non-immigrant visas to the United States.

We are proud of the fact that we are trusted by many of the leading immigration law firms, Fortune 500 companies, and various mid and small size companies. Our evaluators are not just the top university professors; they are also “Industry Experts” and leaders in their field. Our reports are widely accepted by the USCIS and other agencies and are trusted by the immigration law firms, corporations, and individuals to get their immigration applications/petitions approved.

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An Evaluation Company You Can Trust

We serve the US Employment based immigration community with your need for Foreign academic evaluations, Expert opinions & Work experience evaluations. We are known for our Quality & Quick turnaround. Our reports are tailored to meet the complex USCIS requirements and are prepared by Professors from reputable US Universities who are also industry experts.


Our reports are verifiable

What makes Carnegie Evaluations’ Educational Credential and Expert Opinion reports special is that our reports are verifiable. We assign a unique code with every single report that we provide and this code allows our customers, the USCIS, and other third parties who rely on our reports to verify the authenticity. This verification process is proprietary to Carnegie Evaluations and enables someone with access to an evaluation to verify the document’s authenticity, see who made the evaluation, and verify the assessment. This process eliminates the chance of forgery and allows for archival look-up years after an evaluation was generated.

Professors from Reputable Universities

Work Evaluations and Expert Opinions of Carnegie Evaluations are provided by professors of top US universities on university letterhead. Evaluations on a professors' letterhead add more evidentiary value and increase the chance of acceptance of the visa request. We have retained several professors in multiple disciplines who are authorized by their Dean's office to grant 'Life Experience' credits. All evaluations are performed by professors with years of experience further ensuring the quality of the evaluation.

Legal experts on our advisory panel

Carnegie Evaluations have immigration attorneys on our Advisory Panel who ensure our evaluations are tailored to get your H-1B Request for Additional Evidence & Notice of Intent to Deny's approved. This also enables Carnegie Evaluations to adapt quickly to the changing laws, regulations and policies in the immigration field.

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